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Rental Property Management

Our goal is to maximize owners' income

When you place your rental property in our hands, you can rest assure HRI will take good care of your investment. We put ourselves in your shoes and therefore, treat your investment as our own. We have established relationships with various law and accounting firms to assist you with any legal or accounting matters.

What makes HRI better than other property management companies? We conduct a very thorough background check on all of our prospective tenants. We utilize trusted vendors that provide quality work at very reasonable prices. We inspect our rental units on a regular basis to make sure they are kept up to par. We promptly inform our clients with any new developments concerning their investments. This all equates to savings that are passed on to our clients.

Our hands on managers are highly professional, personal and knowledgeable and will personally handle your property. We are licensed Realtor and Realtor Associates, and are members of the National Association of Realtors, the Hawaii Association of Realtors, and the Honolulu Board of Realtors.

Here is an overview of our rental process:

Owners Application & Other Documents
2 Advertising
3 Tenant Application & Screening

We check credit, employment and previous rental history.

4 Move In

Lease Signing
Inventory & Condition Form

5 Accounting

Deduction of expenses
Owner disbursement


Trouble Calls and Repairs


Move Out

Check out inspection
Security deposit refund

We begin by utilizing the local newspaper to place an ad for the rental unit. We also place ads or notices in various locations such as: schools, businesses and building bulletin boards.

The Tenant
Once we’ve located a prospective tenant we verify all information from the rental application. This includes checking credit history, rental history and employment status.

Move In
We conduct a through inspection of the unit with a digital video camera. Any repairs or improvements are noted on the inspection sheet. The tenant receives a copy of the inspection report. At check-out, an inspection is conducted and compared with the check-in inspection report.

Rent is collected from the tenant and deposited into the Client’s Trust Account. Rental income, if you choose, may be used to make payments for: your maintenance fees, repairs, utilities, real property tax, general excise tax and other expenditures. After all expenses have been paid, funds left over will be disbursed to the owner. The owner’s funds can be deposited directly into a local banking facility or a check can be mailed to a preferred address. A cash flow statement will be included with the owner’s disbursement check giving the owner a detailed breakdown of all rental income and expenditures.

Trouble Calls and Repairs
All trouble and repair calls are handled in a timely fashion. Vendors are contacted and dispatched to the property. Upon completion, invoices are provided by the vendor which are included with your monthly income statement.

Move Out
Any repairs/damages/cleaning noted at the tenant’s check-out inspection that were not included in the check-in inspection report will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.

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