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Remodeling Second Homes

Here is an example of how we can help improve the value of your property:

The Problem
The guest bathroom was dark and cramped. It seemed as if there was not enough room, for both the shower and the lavatory. It lacked functionality. The goal was to enhance brightness and create the illusion of openness within the small area. Our expert designer chose to incorporate modern imagery in a contemporary design.

The Solution
First, we demolished the original ceiling in order to maximize the height. Next, we installed mirrors for an illusion of expansiveness. Our goal was to shift the linear focal point from vertical to horizontal to visually widen the proportion of the bathroom.

We chose a vessel-style sink, which was very simple but modern. We then selected a light, harmonious, combination of blue and green hues to make the shower appear larger.

To further illuminate the room we installed clear glass blocks to capture sunlight. We installed a low wall next to the lavatory to create privacy.

We increased the ceiling height to reach eight feet at the highest point in order to further enlarge the bathroom and then we lowered the soft edges reforming it to meet the adjacent walls, thereby creating a dome shape. Our designer then installed a ventilator fan on the side edge, which was hidden. To finish it up, we installed a beautiful modern ceiling fan in the center of the dome.

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