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Maintenance Tips

Here are some easy solutions to some routine maintenance problems:


Dishwashers are made to use the proper dishwashing detergent. When you put a synthetic detergent it may cause a water leak.

The dishwasher motor may become stiff especially if it is not operated regularly.
Here is a tip to unlock the motor if there is a problem:

1) Boil water.

2) Remove spray-arm and slowly pour the boiling water into the place where the water comes out (central red point).

3) Leave the dishwasher unattended for ten minutes and then turn it on to operate.
If that does not work then it is time to call us to have a professional qualified contractor take a look at it.

Refrigerator Dust

When dust collects internally, it may cause major problems. For example, a clogged compressor will eventually promote excessive heat resulting in a motor failure. It may be prevented by removing the front panel and vacuuming the dust. We can administer proper preventative maintenance by a qualified contractor who will perform maintenance and cleaning.

Track Lighting

If the light doesn’t work there may be a solution to troubleshoot before resorting to light-bulb replacement.

1) Remember safety first, before touching the track or bulbs make sure the power is off.

2) You can see if the track is not firmly in place. Readjusting the connection may solve the problem. Secure by tightening the screw with a screwdriver. If this doesn’t work then follow the bulb replacement tips below.

3) Use a soft piece of cloth to hold the bulb as fingerprint and dirt may damage the light bulb.

Air Conditioners

Before calling an expensive technician, we suggest you should first close all of the doors and windows. Sometimes the operation of the AC is automatically rigged up to a relay sensor. It may automatically turn off when a door or a window is opened.


It is common in a high rise building to experience dust problems. This is caused by strong wind currents, high air pressure, and elevator corridors. You may decrease the amount of dust that enters the apartment by installing a door sweeper on the bottom of your front door.

Garbage Disposal

Certain food items are likely to jam the garbage disposal. You may try these suggestions before calling for a repair technician. While the power is off you can use chopsticks to remove any debris from the disposal. If this does not work then while the water is running and the power switch is turned on, press the reset button located on the bottom center of the motor. If the problem persists, then you can try to force movement of the motor (while power is off). Use a wrench to gently turn the bolt on the inside of the disposal. If you still are having problems then you should call an experienced handyman.

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